The PORTHOLE PENDANT: Not Just Jewelry, Living ART

The Porthole Pendant Collection
Inspired by the sights and images seen through the portholes of the 1932 Holland built 150′ tall ship St. Christopher purchased by Captain Darold Lerch in 1985 in St. Martin, each gold Porthole Pendant is completely unique. While similar, no two are alike. There are no molds or dies used to fabricate these one-of-a-kind artistic treasures. Hand carved individually and cast in 14k or 18k white, yellow or two tone gold. All pieces are meticulously made by hand using time honored methods. Each piece consists of at least 20 individual fitted components. Different scenes adorn each one. With the use of floating diamond the sea-foam lives with the motion of the porthole. You may find palm trees, sea turtles, dolphins, mermaids riding on a sea of natural or created black opal or perhaps a tall ship sailing next to a beautiful diamond sunset on a blue tranquil sea of opal. Whatever your fancy may be, call or email with your specific wishes and it will be custom built to your desires.

Captain Darold L. Lerch U.S.M.M.